FAQ: How Far From Salida Co To Great Sand Dunes National Momument?

How much time do you need at Great Sand Dunes National Park?

How Many Days Do You Need at Great Sand Dunes? At the bare minimum, you really just need a few hours. And this should preferably be early or late in the day (midday during the summer the sand can get up to 150°F). With just a few hours, you can walk on the dunes and go sandboarding or sledding.

Is Great Sand Dunes worth seeing?

750 foot tall dunes rise out of the base of mountains in southern Colorado are well worth your time to visit and are a spectacle to behold. We parked at the Dunes Parking area, crossed a very shallow creek and hiked as far as time would allow. Kids were using snow boards on high dunes and that was a fun thing to watch.

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What do you wear to the Great Sand Dunes?

Bring a hat, gloves, wool socks, and a warm jacket for the night year round, because temperatures can drop. For sun and sand protection, pack a sun hat, sun gloves, sunglasses, long-sleeve shirt with UPF sun protection, and a bandana or lightweight face and neck cover like a Buff or Discrete neck buff.

How much does it cost to get into Great Sand Dunes National Park?

1-6 passengers: $25. 7-25 passengers: $40. 26+ passengers: $100.

Do you need reservations for Great Sand Dunes?

Federal, Colorado. There are no reservations to visit or limit on the number of visitors in the park and preserve, but there is currently limited capacity in the visitor center.

What is the best time to visit Great Sand Dunes National Park?

If seeing Colorado wildflowers is a priority, the best time to visit is June or July. The Sand Creek Lakes hike is supposed to be beautiful at that time. If lots of hiking is your idea of a perfect trip, I think late spring or early fall are the best times to visit Great Sand Dunes National Park.

Can sand dunes be dangerous?

Sand collapse: Digging deep holes anywhere in the sand can be dangerous, thanks to sand’s potential to collapse. If you’ve ever been buried at the beach by “friends”, you know how impossible it can be for someone trapped in a collapsed hole to escape without help. Wind-blown sand can be painful and dangerous.

Can you drive on the Great Sand Dunes?

You may take a street-licensed, high-clearance 4WD vehicle on the Medano Pass Primitive Road, which goes around the eastern edge of the dunes then over a 10,000′ mountain pass. The road is soft and sandy in the dunes area, then forested and rocky with stream crossings in the mountain portion.

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What Makes the Great Sand Dunes special?

Great Sand Dunes protects the tallest sand dunes in North America, with the legendary Star Dune towering at 755 feet. Visitors can climb and explore any part of the 30 square mile dunefield, but in summer it’s recommended to do so in the early mornings or evenings to avoid high surface temperatures.

What shoes to wear to the sand dunes?

If you choose to wear shoes, DO NOT wear flip-flops or any open-toe shoe if the sun is out. I wore flip-flops for a few seconds and the sand felt hot. There were many hiking in their shoes. So if you do want to walk with shoes, choose a closed-toe shoe.

What can I use to slide down sand dunes?


  1. Don’t waste time with snow sleds, saucers, cardboard, or soft plastic items.
  2. Sandboards and sand sleds are specifically made for sand, featuring a special design with extra slick base material and special wax; these work best for sliding in most conditions.

Is Sleeping Bear Dunes free?

At Sleeping Bear Dunes, a park entrance pass is usually $25 per vehicle, $20 for motorcycles, or $15 per person for visitors that enter the park by foot or bicycle. The park pass at Isle Royale is $7 per person. In addition to the Fee Free Days, Sleeping Bear Dunes is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

Where do I enter the Great Sand Dunes?

To access the main park area, including the Dunes Parking Lot, Visitor Center, and Pinon Flats Campground, take US 160 to CO 150 from the south, or CO 17 to Lane 6 to CO 150 from the west. The national park is at the north end of CO 150.

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Are dogs allowed at the Great Sand Dunes?

Where are pets permitted? Pets are permitted in the Preserve (including Mosca Pass Trail) and main use areas of the Park (including Piñon Flats Campground, Dunes Overlook Trail, and along the Medano Pass Primitive Road). Pets must be leashed at all times and owners must clean up after them.

Do you have to pay to get into Arches National Park?

The National Park Service (NPS) announced today that Arches and Canyonlands national parks will modify entrance fees to provide additional funding for infrastructure and maintenance needs that enhance the visitor experience. Effective June 1, 2018, both parks’ entrance fee will be $30 per vehicle or $25 per motorcycle.

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