Where To Recycle Christmas Trees In Colorado Springs?

Where can I recycle my Christmas tree in Colorado?

Colorado: Where and How to Recycle Your Christmas Tree After the Holidays January 2021

  • Del Mar Park, 12000 E. Sixth Ave. (at Peoria Street in the west parking lot)
  • Saddle Rock Golf Course, 21705 E. Arapahoe Road (west of E-470)
  • Olympic Park, 15501 E. Yale Ave. (east of Chambers Road)

How do I get rid of my old Christmas tree?

General best practices include:

  1. Remove all of the ornaments, tinsel and lights from the tree.
  2. Cut the tree into 4-foot portions for easy curbside pickup.
  3. Cut smaller trees into chunks to fit inside your yard waste container.

Does recycle take Christmas trees?

‘ Real’ trees are recyclable and can be shredded into chippings which are then used locally in parks or woodland areas. Artificial trees are made from a combination of materials and therefore cannot be recycled. Unwanted trees in good condition may be accepted by charity shops for re-sale and re-use.

Where can I recycle my Christmas tree in Denver?

Residents can place their trees curbside on their regular trash pickup day. Remove all decorations and place trees next to your trash can. Residents can drop off trees in the north parking lot of Village Greens park (Dayton St. at Union Ave.)

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How do I get rid of trees for free?

How to Remove Trees for Free

  1. Check to see if your trees are part of a city, state or federal program.
  2. Post ads, either in stores, laundromats or online bulletin boards, advertising free wood for anyone willing to cut it up and haul it away.
  3. Call the power company to remove any unwanted trees that are near power lines.

How do I dispose of a fake Christmas tree?

Place It at the Curb Instead of wondering how to dispose of an artificial Christmas tree is to throw it out. In most cities, the garbage collection company will take artificial trees. If you leave your tree curbside before a pick-up, you can leave your tree in their hands.

Can you burn Christmas trees in fire pit?

Burn It in Your Fire Pit Your Christmas tree is great fuel for an outdoor fire. Cut off the branches to use as kindling, and cut the trunk into logs. Pine is not recommended for burning indoors, as its creosote content makes for sticky, sooty fireplaces.

What do you do with a real Christmas tree?

7 creative ways to repurpose your real Christmas tree after the festive season

  1. Use the branches to make a bird feeder in your garden.
  2. Cut the trunk into small round pieces to use in your garden.
  3. Use the pine needles to make fragrant sachets.
  4. Use the branches to make a wreath.
  5. Donate your Christmas tree.

What happens to old Christmas trees?

Most are fed into a wood chipper and are repackaged as mulch. Some become fuel, burned up in waste-to-energy plants. Others decompose in a landfill, either as household trash or as an alternative material covering the daily waste load.

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Can I throw my Christmas tree in the woods?

If you don’t have access to an urban recycling program, fear not. Trees are, by definition, biodegradable, and animals love conifers whether they’re alive or dead. Drop your tree off in a forest and return it whence it came. Stick it in your backyard for birds to enjoy.

How do you dispose of a Christmas tree in Boulder CO?

Trees can also be dropped off at the Western Disposal Trash & Recycling Center (5880 Butte Mill Road). Western Disposal will also recycle broken Christmas lights and gift wrap dropped off at either their Trash & Recycling Center (5880 Butte Mill Road) or at the Boulder County Recycling Center (1901 63rd St).

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