Readers ask: Where To Buy Clones In Colorado Springs?

Is it legal to buy clones in Colorado?

Colorado Clones: What’s Legal? Buying and growing Colorado clones at home is totally legal, but there are limits.

Do you have to be a Colorado resident to buy clones?

Only Colorado residents may purchase seeds/ clones. Essentially, anything bought from a dispensary must be grown/consumed here in Colorado.

Can you ship clones legally?

The Clone Shipper allows consumers the ability to ship live plants or clones safely and quickly without worry. When using Clone Shipper as your plant shipping packaging, you are able to ship a plant while growing process has already started.

Can you buy clones in Colorado with out of state license?

Dear Russ: Nope. Any adult (21+) with a valid form of identification can purchase cannabis products in Colorado, and that includes clones — which is ironic, because said adults buying clones can’t take them out of Colorado legally.

Do dispensaries in Colorado take expired IDs?

Paper IDs are easier to fake, but most dispensaries will accept them if they’re relatively undamaged and provide an expiration date and bar code — most, but not all.

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Can you go into a dispensary with an expired ID Colorado?

Dispensaries may also temporarily accept expired driver’s licenses and State IDs as proof of age or identity, or as a second ID for medical cannabis patients and caregivers.

Is Big Daddy clones legit?

Tradition. Big Daddy Clones offers authenticity verified marijuana clones. We buy seeds from different international breeders with the most desired cannabis strains.

How do you transport a clone?

Move new clipping to a medium of your choice (I prefer a rooting tray with organic soil) Store in a secure location with a temperature between 65-75°F and humidity above 60% UV-Light for the new clones should be indirect light to partial shade (Caution: too much light will yellow the leaves)

How do I email a clone plant?

This technique consists in wrapping the stem of the cut(s)/clone(s) with moist paper towel and a layer of cellophane in order to keep moisture around the base. You then gently place your clone(s) in a zipped plastic bag (commonly called “ziploc” after the brand).

Can you use a passport at a dispensary in Colorado?

As of January 1, 2018, Colorado dispensaries can also accept all federally recognized tribal cards. International visitors are welcome to shop at the dispensary with a valid passport. No matter what kind of identification you’re using, make sure it’s in good condition.

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