Readers ask: Where Can I Drop Off Paper Recycling In Colorado Springs?

Where can I recycle shredded paper in Colorado Springs?

The UPS Store works with Iron Mountain® to help make paper shredding and document destruction easy. Just bring the documents you want shredded to our convenient location at 6050 Stetson Hills Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO. Whether it’s a stack of papers or a box of documents you need shredded, we can handle it for you.

Does Colorado Springs have recycling?

Colorado Springs also has a GFL Environmental (formerly Bestway) materials recovery facility where recycled goods are sorted, as well as scrap-food composting, yard waste recycling, electronics recycling and hazardous waste recycling services.

How does recycling work in Colorado Springs?

1. You recycle your glass bottle in your curbside recycling bin or at a drop- off center. 2. Your recycling is picked up and sent to a materials recovery facility (MRF) where the glass is sorted out.

How do I dispose of a microwave in Colorado Springs?

Contact Waste Connections of Colorado by calling 719-591-5000 to arrange for Special Collection. Place special collection items at the curb before 7 a.m. on your scheduled collection day.

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How do you dispose of a toilet in Colorado Springs?

Commercial customers may recycle at Olson Plumbing & Heating located at 2500 Centennial Blvd. in Colorado Springs. You may contact Olson Plumbing at (719) 635-3563. For more program information, or for large projects, contact Sean Evans, Colorado Springs Utilities, at (719) 668-3660 or email [email protected]

Can you recycle Styrofoam in Colorado Springs?

Recycle Peanuts & Styrofoam in Colorado Springs Pak Mail stores around the country are part of The Peanut Hotline, a packing peanut reuse program created in 1991 by the Plastic Loose Fill Council. Pak Mail 232 accepts clean used packing peanuts and clean flat and formed pieces of packing Styrofoam.

What plastics are recyclable in Colorado Springs?

Needles or syringes. Paper ream wrappers. Paper to-go containers. Plastic bags, 6-pack holders, plastic tops, and other non-listed plastics.

Does Colorado really recycle?

Colorado is not doing a great job with recycling relative to the rest of the nation. In 2018, 17% of the municipal waste stream was recycled or composted in Colorado; the rate for the rest of the nation was about 35%. About half of the counties in Colorado have recycling available for residents at the curb.

Does Colorado recycle plastic?

Colorado is a state filled with variety, whether it is the landscape or the climate. What is more, we are perfectly placed to help commercial and industrial companies in Colorado recycle their plastics too.

What does Denver do with recycling?

I turned to Waste Management, the nation’s largest recycler. On its Colorado-specific website it says: “In 2018, we recycled more than 177, 254 tons of bottles, cans, paper and cardboard. “This will save: 1.2 million trees, 694 million gallons of water, 431 million kWh of electricity.”

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Does Colorado pay to recycle?

We Pay Cash for Your Recyclable Metals We recycle all types of metal from small bags of aluminum cans to large amounts of bulk scrap metal. All you have to do is walk in, drop off your junk metal or cans and get paid for it. We serve commercial and industrial customers with onsite pick-up available.

How do you throw away a chair?

How to Get Rid of Old Furniture and Large Items of Trash

  1. Find out if your waste management/local scrap yard will take large items.
  2. If you’re replacing it with a new item, see if the old stuff can be hauled away.
  3. List the item online, even if it’s old and gross.
  4. Put it on the curb with a “free” sign.

Who bought Springs Waste Systems?

Waste Connections ‘ acquisition of Spring Waste Systems makes it the largest waste disposal company in the Colorado Springs area. Waste Connections has acquired Spring Waste Systems, the last remaining locally owned company among the four largest trash haulers in the Colorado Springs area, reports The Gazette.

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