Readers ask: What To Do In Idaho Springs Colorado?

Is Idaho Springs worth visiting?

The Historic Small Town Near Denver That Everyone Should Visit At Least Once. The historic town of Idaho Springs is always worth a pit stop along your I-70 trek. Many of us think of this small town as a great place to pull off when traffic backs up and grab a slice of pizza or walk around the quaint downtown area.

What is Idaho Springs known for?

Idaho Springs is a popular stop for those traveling on I-70, to and from the mountains. Though the town is known for its hot springs, Idaho Springs has a lot more to offer adventure seekers. Rafting is one of the top summer sports available in town.

What is there to do in Idaho Springs today?

Top Attractions in Idaho Springs

  • Argo Mill and Tunnel. 1,034.
  • St. Mary’s Glacier.
  • Phoenix Gold Mine. 271.
  • Echo Mountain. Ski & Snowboard Areas.
  • Summit Lake Park. National Parks • Nature & Wildlife Areas.
  • Historical Society of Idaho Springs Museum & Visitor Center.
  • Chief Mountain Trail.
  • Indian Hot Springs.

What is there to do in Idaho Springs in the winter?

Idaho Springs Winter Activities in Colorado

  • Echo Mountain. 19285 Highway 103, Idaho Springs, CO 80439.
  • The Frozen Fire Rink. 101 East Idaho Springs Road, Idaho Springs, CO 80452.
  • CCMRD – Rec Center, Ice Rink & Events. 98 12th Avenue, Idaho Springs, CO 80452.
  • Mountain Side Gear Rental.
  • Mile High Adventure Rentals.
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Is Idaho Springs safe?

Considering only the crime rate, Idaho Springs is safer than the Colorado state average and as safe as the national average.

Is Idaho Springs nice?

Idaho Springs is the perfect weekend getaway from city life or stop along the way when driving to one of Colorado’s ski towns. There are tons of summer and winter activities, beautiful scenery around every corner, a quaint downtown, and, of course, that mountain town feel that everyone knows and loves.

How many hot springs are in Idaho?

Yes! Idaho has 130 soakable hot springs, more than any other state, thanks in large part to the Idaho Batholith, 15,400 square miles of mountains created over millions of years by colliding tectonic plates.

Is Idaho close to Colorado?

Distance from Colorado to Idaho is 897 kilometers. This air travel distance is equal to 557 miles. The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Colorado and Idaho is 897 km= 557 miles. If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from Colorado to Idaho, It takes 1 hours to arrive.

What Indian tribes lived in Idaho Springs?

The Native Americans Were First Before gold was discovered in the Rocky Mountains and the settlers took their first bath in the hot springs along Soda Creek, the Ute and the Arapaho Native American tribes used these hot springs.

What river runs through Idaho Springs CO?

Fall River empties into Clear Creek along I-70 west of Idaho Springs, Colorado.

What county is Idaho Springs CO?

Clear Creek County

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