Quick Answer: Where To Sell Coyote Pelts In Colorado Springs?

How much is a coyote pelt worth in Colorado?

A good western coyote, prized for its silky, light-colored fur, can fetch more than $100. The top price at a recent Colorado auction hit $170, a 40 percent increase from four years ago.

Are raccoon pelts worth anything?

Raccoon – There is an abundant supply of raccoon pelts in cold storage throughout North America, and demand for most coons continues to be low. The biggest and best prime coons may bring more than $10, middle of the road coon may average $5, and small or low quality coons will bring $1-3, if they sell at all.

How much are raccoon pelts worth?

The better coons could average $10-15. There is a great deal of variability in coon pelt, both in size and fur thickness. Lower end coon may average $5 or less, and some may not be sellable until the market develops further.

How much is mink pelt worth?

A typical mink pelt sold for more than $90 at auction in 2013, while last year skins fetched around $30. This was despite a fall in global production to just under 60 million pelts last year, from more than 80 million in 2014.

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How much is a nutria pelt worth?

Conservatively, the average nutria price paid by local dealers for green pelts during this past season was $1.77. This price increased from the previous year ($1.08). Also, an additional $5.00 is paid for all nutria taken by registered participants as part of the Coastwide Nutria Control Program (CNCP).

How much does a wolverine pelt cost?

The average wolverine pelt is worth slightly more, about $250.

Do people buy deer pelts?

It is possible to make a profit on your deer hides. Many local fur buyers purchase deer hides. There are many companies that purchase deer hides to tan and later sell at their stores or online. Without a doubt, one of the biggest in the country is Moscow Hide and Fur, located in Idaho.

Where can I sell hides?

Once you’ve stored the pelts on the back of your horse, you can do a few things with them. Sell them at a general store in town, donate them to Mr. Pearson at camp, or most importantly, take your best pelts to the Trapper to craft new equipment.

Do deer have pelts?

Deer pelt does not include face and legs. Colors for the Deer skin vary but usually include a mix of: tan and brown. Our average size Deer fur measures: 9-12 square feet.

What do you do with a dead coyote?

While it is legal to kill coyotes, the proper way to dispose of them is to bring them to a landfill. Investigators believe the person who dumped the coyotes got the animals from a large hunt.

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What are bobcat pelts worth?

Trapping Bobcats for Fur in the U.S. is Going Strong—And It’s Grisly. A trapper carries bobcat pelts outside the Nevada Department of Wildlife. The finest quality pelts can fetch upwards of $1,000.

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