Quick Answer: Where To Drop Off Leaves In Colorado Springs?

How do I get rid of yard waste in Colorado Springs?

Take it to a local landscape waste recycler. In the Colorado Springs area, homeowners (not professional landscapers) can take their yard waste to Rocky Top Resources on Saturdays from 8-4. They accept the waste for free as long as you bring a donation of non-perishable food items for the local food bank.

Where can I throw leaves and branches?

Put leaves and small branches in a yard waste bin or a paper lawn and leaf bag. Throw the leaves and branches you want to dispose of into your city-provided yard waste bin, if you have one.

Does Colorado Springs have recycling?

Colorado Springs also has a GFL Environmental (formerly Bestway) materials recovery facility where recycled goods are sorted, as well as scrap-food composting, yard waste recycling, electronics recycling and hazardous waste recycling services.

Where do you put lawn clippings?

Add grass clippings to your compost pile. Grass adds valuable nutrients, especially nitrogen to compost mixes. Use your collected grass clippings as natural mulch. Pile it up in flower beds and around vegetables to hold in water, keep the soil warm, and discourage weeds.

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Where can I get free mulch in Colorado Springs?

The city of Colorado Springs offers a free mulch pile at 1601 Recreation Way, and north of the city, you can get free mulch at the Black Forest Slash/Mulch, where you can also drop off your tree trimmings for a small fee.

What do I do with bags of leaves?

How to Dispose of Leaves

  1. Blow leaves into the woods. If you own woods or fields behind your home, blow leaves into those natural areas where they’ll decompose and continue the circle of life.
  2. Bag ’em. Popular Reads.
  3. Vacuum them away.
  4. Let leaves degrade.
  5. Return leaves to the earth.
  6. Burn the pile.

Can I put leaves in plastic bags?

Leaves in the process of composting can also be placed in plastic bags and used around tender plants to provide extra winter protection. In bags, the leaves are protected from moisture so they don’t become matted or compacted.

How do you get rid of large tree branches?

If you have a large amount of branches to get rid of, rent a wood chipper for one day. Chip the wood onto a tarp, and then spread the wood chips around your perennial plants as a moisture-saving mulch.

Where can I recycle shredded paper in Colorado Springs?

The UPS Store works with Iron Mountain┬« to help make paper shredding and document destruction easy. Just bring the documents you want shredded to our convenient location at 6050 Stetson Hills Blvd, Colorado Springs, CO. Whether it’s a stack of papers or a box of documents you need shredded, we can handle it for you.

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How does recycling work in Colorado Springs?

1. You recycle your glass bottle in your curbside recycling bin or at a drop- off center. 2. Your recycling is picked up and sent to a materials recovery facility (MRF) where the glass is sorted out.

How do you set up a garbage collection?

A step-by-step guide to setting up trash pickup

  1. Step one: Compile information.
  2. Step two: Pick out your services.
  3. Step three: Set up your service.
  4. Step four: Review and verification.
  5. Step five: Begin services.

How do I dispose of a microwave in Colorado Springs?

Contact Waste Connections of Colorado by calling 719-591-5000 to arrange for Special Collection. Place special collection items at the curb before 7 a.m. on your scheduled collection day.

Can you recycle Styrofoam in Colorado Springs?

Recycle Peanuts & Styrofoam in Colorado Springs Pak Mail stores around the country are part of The Peanut Hotline, a packing peanut reuse program created in 1991 by the Plastic Loose Fill Council. Pak Mail 232 accepts clean used packing peanuts and clean flat and formed pieces of packing Styrofoam.

What plastics are recyclable in Colorado Springs?

Needles or syringes. Paper ream wrappers. Paper to-go containers. Plastic bags, 6-pack holders, plastic tops, and other non-listed plastics.

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