Quick Answer: To Which Department Should I Mail The Divorce Papers In Colorado Springs Divorce Court?

Can you mail divorce papers in Colorado?

You will need to mail or hand-deliver a copy of JDF 1103 Response to the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage or Legal Separation to your spouse. After you mail or hand-deliver the Response to your spouse, complete the Certificate of Service part of the form before filing the form with the court.

How do I serve divorce papers in Colorado?

Methods of service – There are two ways to serve divorce papers in Colorado: via personal service (or hand delivery) or via certified mail (with a return receipt requested). Who can serve – You can hire a professional process server or have a friend or family member serve the divorce papers.

Where do I go to file for divorce in Colorado Springs?

You need to file for divorce in the county where you or your spouse lives. The El Paso County Judicial Building is located at 270 S Tejon Street in Colorado Springs. You can ask the court clerk to file for Dissolution of Marriage, and will be provided with a packet of forms to fill out.

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Do divorce papers have to be served in Colorado?

Serving divorce papers in Colorado is usually conducted by hand delivery or a personal service. You may chose to employ a professional process server to serve the divorce papers, or you may ask someone in your family. This form must be filed with the court as evidence your spouse did in fact get the divorce papers.

How long does a divorce take in Colorado?

Most divorces in Colorado take about 6-9 months to complete, depending upon the issues involved, and especially upon whether they are contested or not. There is no one set of procedures that will apply to every case, since the necessary steps will depend upon the specific issues in your case.

How long do you have to be separated before divorce in Colorado?

How long do you have to be separated before divorce in Colorado? In this state, the legally separated party is required to wait six months before they can pursue a divorce. This means the waiting period begins when the separation decree is put in place and at the end of that six months the spouse may request a divorce.

How much does divorce cost in Colorado?

The cost of filing a petition for dissolution of marriage in Colorado is $230.00. The cost of filing a petition for allocation of parental rights (custody case when the parties are not married) is $225.00. It then costs $116.00 to file an answer to the petition.

What forms are needed to file for divorce in Colorado?

Case Information Sheet ( Form JDF 1000 ), the Petition for Dissolution of Marriage or Legal Separation (Form JDF 1101), the Summons for Dissolution of Marriage or Legal Separation (Form JDF 1102), the Sworn Financial Statement (Form JDF 1111) and, if necessary, the Sworn Financial Statement, Supporting Schedules (Form

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Can anyone serve papers in Colorado?

Process may be served inside or outside this state by the sheriff of the county where the service is made, or by a deputy, or by any other person over the age of eighteen years, not a party to the action; Personal Service.

Do you need a lawyer to get a divorce in Colorado?

You don’t need to hire a lawyer to get an uncontested or agreed divorce in Colorado, and you can represent yourself during the process. Even though there’s no court battle in an uncontested divorce, one or both spouses can hire attorneys to help them through the uncontested divorce.

Is Colorado a mom State?

Is Colorado a mother or father state? Neither. Colorado family law does not err on the side of either parent, but encourages custody and parental responsibility to be equal between parents.

Can you date while separated in Colorado?

Can I date while being legally separated? In the eyes of the law, being legally separated does not mean you are single, but separated spouses can still date without violating bigamy laws.

Can a judge deny a divorce in Colorado?

Can a Judge Deny a Divorce? Colorado has no-fault divorce, meaning that one party doesn’t need to be blamed for the marriage failure. The judge won’t deny a divorce but could extend the proceedings to give the other party more time to respond.

What are the divorce laws in Colorado?

Basic Requirements for a Colorado Divorce One of the spouses must have been resident of Colorado for at least 91 days prior to filing the Petition; 91 days have passed since the summons was served on the other spouse; Colorado must have personal jurisdiction over the respondent spouse; and.

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Is Colorado a fifty fifty state for divorce?

Colorado is not a “community property” (50/50) state — but is an “equitable division” state. Did you know that your spouse’s pension is property and is divided on divorce, even if he/she will not receive it until he/she retires? Suppose your spouse has left the marital home.

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