Often asked: How To Get To Rampart Range Road In Colorado Springs To Woodland Park?

Can you drive Rampart Range Road?

Just beyond Balanced Rock and Steamboat Rock, you’ll find the marked entry to Rampart Range Road. The sign says it’s suitable for 4-wheel-drive vehicles only.

Is Rampart Range Road open at Garden of the Gods?

The trail is primarily used for scenic driving and ohv/off road driving and is best used from April until November. The Garden drive leading to the trailhead closes during the winter.

Is Rampart Range Road open now?

Operational Hours: Seasonal Closure Information: Rampart Range Recreation Area roads and trails are closed annually by December 1 and remain closed throughout the winter. Roads and trails reopen when conditions are favorable for summer recreation.

Can you CAMP off Rampart Range Road?

The Rampart Range Recreation Area’s Designated Dispersed Camping is operated by Rocky Mountain Recreation Company. Camping is only allowed in numbered campsites and requires a fee. Trailhead parking within the Rampart Range Recreation Area is free.

Is Rampart Range Open 2021?

Seasonal closure information: Rampart Range road is closed annually by December 1 and remains closed throughout the winter. The road reopens when conditions are favorable for summer recreation. A target date is April 1, but weather conditions may delay opening until late-May.

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Can you shoot in Pike National Forest?

Areas closed to target shooting on the South Platte Ranger District of the Pike National Forest include: The prohibitions primarily pertain to camping, campfires, parking vehicles, and recreational target shooting.

Can you swim at Rampart Reservoir?

Anglers are welcome to fish from a boat or in accessible areas around the reservoir, trails, and stream. Swimming: Swimming is prohibited in the Rampart Reservoir.

Where can I camp in Colorado for free?

5 Free Designated Campgrounds in Colorado

  • Portal Campground—Aspen.
  • Gordon Gulch Dispersed Camping—Nederland.
  • Anvil Dispersed Camping—Silverton.
  • Alta Lakes Campground—Telluride.
  • Peru Creek Road—Montezuma.

Where is Rampart Range?

The Rampart Range is a mountain range located in Douglas, El Paso, and Teller counties, Colorado. It is part of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. The range is almost entirely public land within the Pike National Forest.

Is Devil’s Head Lookout open?

The Devil’s Head Trail (#611) begins at the picnic area adjacent to Devil’s Head Campground and ends at the meadow area below the Devil’s Head Lookout Tower. The lookout tower may be open to public visitation when staffed. The tower is typically staffed late-May through early-September.

What time does Rampart Reservoir open?

Operational Hours: Open from mid/late May until mid/late October, depending on weather. From late May to mid-October, all trailered and motorized watercraft are only allowed from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursdays through Sundays when CPW is performing aquatic nuisance species inspections.

What is dispersed camping Colorado?

Dispersed camping is a term used to describe camping outside of designated campgrounds, meaning there are generally no amenities such as tables, fire pits, or toilets. Neither type of campground within our park have trash collection.

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Is Lone Rock campground open?

Lone Rock Campground is open year-round, although some facilities might be closed during the winter.

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