How Far Is Cotopaxi To Colorado Springs?

What is there to do in Cotopaxi Colorado?

That’s why we have compiled a list of our favorite things to do in Cotopaxi, Colorado.

  • Whitewater Rafting Cotopaxi. Spend a half-day rafting the Arkansas River through Bighorn Sheep Canyon with Arkansas River Tours.
  • ATV/UTV Adventure! Got a need for speed?
  • Take a scenic drive.

What is the closest city to Cotopaxi Colorado?

Nearest cities:

  • Coaldale, CO (2.8 miles ),
  • Howard, CO (3.0 miles ),
  • Salida, CO (4.3 miles ),
  • Poncha Springs, CO (4.7 miles ),
  • Canon City, CO (4.9 miles ),
  • Westcliffe, CO (5.0 miles )

How many hours is Trinidad to Colorado Springs?

Trinidad and Colorado Springs are 2 hours 9 mins far apart, if you drive non-stop. This is the fastest route from Trinidad, CO to Colorado Springs, CO.

How far is Colorado Springs from Canon?

The distance between Colorado Springs and Canon City is 46 miles. You may get to your destination point in 1 hour. If you are going to get there by car, the fuel price is 6 USD.

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How safe is Cotopaxi Colorado?

Is Cotopaxi, CO Safe? The C+ grade means the rate of crime is about the same as the average US city. Cotopaxi is in the 47th percentile for safety, meaning 53% of cities are safer and 47% of cities are more dangerous.

What towns are near Cotopaxi Colorado?


  • CaƱon City (33mi)
  • Coaldale (4mi)
  • Guffey (46mi)
  • Hartsel (70mi)
  • Hillside (10mi)
  • Poncha Springs (28mi)
  • Pueblo (72mi)
  • Salida (25mi)

Who started Cotopaxi?

Our founder, Davis Smith, grew up in Latin America and lived for several years in Ecuador. When he wasn’t in school, Davis was exploring and camping in Cotopaxi National Park. It was here that he developed a lifelong reverence for the strong, hard-working people of the Andes.

How long is a flight from Trinidad to Colorado?

The total flight duration from Trinidad and Tobago to Denver, CO is 7 hours, 12 minutes.

How long does it take to get to Trinidad from Pueblo?

How long is the drive from Pueblo, CO to Trinidad, CO? The total driving time is 1 hour, 12 minutes.

How long is Trinidad in miles?

Size: Trinidad is 143 km (89 mi) from North to South and 61 km (38 mi) from East to West. Tobago lies 31 km (19 mi) northeast of Trinidad and has a length of 42 km (26 mi) Northeast to Southwest, and an average width of 12 km (7.5 mi) Northwest to Southeast. Sixteen small islands are found off the coasts.

How far is the Royal Gorge train from Colorado Springs?

The distance between Colorado Springs and Royal Gorge Route Railroad is 36 miles. The road distance is 46.3 miles. How do I travel from Colorado Springs to Royal Gorge Route Railroad without a car?

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How far of Adrive is it from Denver to Colorado Springs?

The drive from Denver to Colorado Springs is 68.4 miles (110 km).

How long is it from Denver to Colorado Springs?

The actual distance between the two cities will depend on where you start and end your trip, as both Colorado Springs and Denver sprawl for a number of miles along I-25 – but the distance averages around 70 miles.

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