FAQ: When Were Pfas Found In Colorado Springs Colorado Water Supply?

Is Fountain Colorado water Safe?

FOUNTAIN, Colo. — Water is safe to drink in Fountain, according to a video announcement during Tuesday night’s City Council meeting. Perfluorinated Compound (PFC) contamination is a known cancer-causing agent that was found in Fountain and Security-Widefield water in 2016.

Is it safe to drink tap water in Colorado Springs?

When it comes to tap water, Colorado Springs ensures that it is safe to drink and well-tolerated by a large section of the population, thanks to strict regulations regarding the water supply. While some may find it to be excessive, others find it absolutely essential.

Is Colorado Springs water chlorinated?

Colorado Springs Utilities uses chlorine in its drinking water to maintain disinfection residual in the distribution system.

What cities have PFAS in drinking water?

For the first time, per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) have been publicly identified in the drinking water of 34 US cities or counties. They include Atlanta; Boston; Charleston, South Carolina; Chicago; Columbus, Ohio; New Orleans; Philadelphia; Pittsburgh; and Washington, DC.

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Is Widefield water safe to drink?

Widefield’s drinking water EXCEEDS all health standards set by federal and state health officials. 3. Widefield Water provides clean, healthy and safe water. No PFC contaminated water goes to our homes and schools in our community.

Where does Colorado Springs get water?

Colorado Springs is a community that lacks a natural water source. 80% of our community’s water comes via pipelines from the western slope, 200 miles away.

Is Colorado Springs water hard or soft?

Colorado Water Hardness Colorado Springs Utilities reports a hardness measurement of 1.3 – 2.8 grains per gallon (gpg), which gives its water a relatively soft rating. For comparison, Denver has a reported 4.2 gpg and the city of Pueblo has the state’s hardest water at 10.6 gpg.

Does Colorado have clean tap water?

Denver Water provides safe, clean drinking water to your home. In Denver Water’s experience, homes built before 1951 are likely to have lead water service lines. If you have a water filter or treatment system in your home, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper maintenance.

Can you drink tap water in Manitou Springs?

From April 2016 to March 2019, Manitou Springs, City of complied with health-based drinking water standards.

Can you drink the water in Manitou Springs?

Manitou Springs was developed in the late 1880’s as a resort town to entice visitors to drink and bathe in these medicinal waters. Some of the original springs have been restored the public to drink for free.

What is the river that runs through Colorado Springs?

Get to know Colorado’s Arkansas River better. Here are the top 10 reasons to experience the Arkansas River near Colorado Springs.

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Does Brita filter PFAS?

Common water pitcher brands like Brita and Pur are perfectly fine if you want to reduce bad-tasting chlorine and contaminants like heavy metals. But they weren’ t designed to remove PFAS or even reduce their concentration in your tap water.

Does tap water have PFAS?

PFASs can get into this water in a variety of ways. The scientists estimated that more than 200 million people—the majority of Americans—have tap water contaminated with a mixture of PFOA and PFOS at concentrations of one part per trillion (ppt) or higher.

Is bottled water tested for PFAS?

The study, published in the journal Water Research and led by Johns Hopkins University researchers, detected PFAS substances in 39 out of more than 100 bottled waters tested, in some cases at levels deemed concerning by water quality experts.

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