FAQ: How Far Is Focus Onthe Family From Briargate Colorado Springs?

Where is Focus on the Family located?

The Focus on the Family headquarters is a four building, 47-acre (19 ha) complex located off of Interstate 25 in northern Colorado Springs, Colorado, with its own ZIP Code (80995).

Is there a real Whits end?

Whit’s End is real! This is Kelainey’s Ice Cream and Sandwich Shops in Winona Lake, Indiana. And it looks remarkably like Whit’s End!

When did focus on the family moved to Colorado Springs?

Focus on the Family was the largest of dozens of evangelical para-church organizations that relocated to Colorado Springs between 1988 and 1993.

Where is Whit’s End located?

The Imagination Station | Whit’s End in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Who is the leader of Focus on the Family?

Jim Daly (born July 22, 1961) is the head of Focus on the Family, an international Christian communications ministry based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He succeeded founder James Dobson in 2005. Daly is the main host of the Focus on the Family radio program.

Who is the president of Focus on the Family?

RAZ: That’s Jim Daly. He is the president of Focus on the Family. That’s one of the most prominent Christian evangelical organizations in the country.

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How do you spell wit’s end?

Completely puzzled and perplexed, not knowing what to do. For example, I’ve tried every possible source without success, and now I’m at my wit’s end. This idiom, which uses wit in the sense of “mental faculties,” appeared in Piers Ploughman (c. 1377).

Who plays Mr Whittaker in Adventures in Odyssey?

John Avery Whittaker, voiced by Hal Smith (1987–1994), Paul Herlinger (1996–2008), and Andre Stojka (since 2009), often known as “Whit,” is the main fictional character of Adventures in Odyssey and the namesake of Odyssey’s most famous attraction, Whit’s End.

Why did focus on the family move to Colorado?

Because of the expense of high-rise construction and the higher labor and operating costs in California, he said, it will be cheaper to move to Colorado. “It will also be cheaper for our employees to live there,” he said.

What did focus on the family do?

Focus on the Family, American Christian ministry devoted to promoting conservative political and religious principles through a variety of media outlets. Headquarters are in Colorado Springs, Colo.

When did focus on the family begin?

1977, Colorado, United States

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