FAQ: Google Where Is The Closest Airport To Pagosa Springs Colorado?

What major airport is closest to Pagosa Springs Colorado?

The nearest airport to Pagosa Springs is Durango (DRO) Airport which is 41.7 miles away. Other nearby airports include Montrose (MTJ) (98.8 miles).

Where do you fly into for Pagosa Springs Colorado?

Flying to Pagosa Springs Archuleta County Airport at Stevens Field (PSO) has modern FBO facilities. Charter service to Pagosa Springs can be recommended through the FBO. Commercial flights require a fly and drive approach. Durango-La Plata County Airport (DRO) is just 60 miles west of Pagosa.

How far is Pagosa Springs from airport?

The distance between Denver Airport (DEN) and Pagosa Springs is 220 miles.

How do I get to Pagosa Springs by air?

Getting To Pagosa Springs

  1. By Air: Steven’s Field, our county airport, serves private aircraft, including jets, while commercial airlines connect through the La Plata County Airport in Durango, CO.
  2. By Car: From Durango, CO: Take Hwy 160 East about 60 miles into downtown Pagosa Springs.
  3. From Santa Fe, NM:
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Is Pagosa Springs worth visiting?

Located in the Sunbelt of southern Colorado, the town of Pagosa Springs is easily one of the most charming towns we’ve visited. Outdoor lovers will find hiking, skiing and ancient cultural ruins. Those who prefer to relax can enjoy soaking in the namesake hot springs, shopping and dining.

Is there a train from Denver to Pagosa Springs?

There is no direct connection from Denver Union Station to Pagosa Springs. However, you can take the walk to Denver, take the bus to Santa Fe, take the taxi to South Capitol Station – Shelter 1, take the bus to Espanola Transit Center, take the bus to Pine Avenue & 4th Street, then take the taxi to Pagosa Springs.

Does Southwest Airlines fly into Durango Colorado?

THE DURANGO – LA PLATA COUNTY AIRPORT (DRO) is the primary regional airport for southwest Colorado, northwest New Mexico, and the entire Four Corners Region. DRO is served by American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Frontier Airlines and United Airlines.

What is Pagosa Springs close to?

Durango, CO. Aztec, NM. Alamosa, CO.

Is there a bus from Pagosa Springs to Denver?

There is no direct connection from Pagosa Springs to Denver. However, you can take the bus to Durango, CO – Airport, take the walk to Durango airport, fly to Denver, take the walk to Denver Airport Station, then take the train to Denver.

How do I get from Denver to Pagosa Springs?

The quickest way to get from Denver to Pagosa Springs is to take a plane, tickets to which cost on average 414 USD and travel time is 5 hours.

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What is the elevation at Pagosa Springs Colorado?

The town of Pagosa Springs sits at 7126 feet above sea level ( 2172 meters) in the San Juan Mountains.

How do I get from Dallas to Pagosa Springs?

There is no direct connection from Dallas to Pagosa Springs. However, you can take the tram to Dfw Airport Station, take the walk to Dallas/Ft. Worth airport, fly to Durango, take the walk to Durango, CO – Airport, then take the bus to Pagosa Springs. Alternatively, you can take the drive to Pagosa Springs.

How do I get from Denver to Steamboat Springs?

Steamboat is 156 miles from Denver. Take I-70 west from Denver and use Exit 205 to merge onto Colorado Highway 9 North/Blue River Parkway toward Silverthorne. Follow Highway 9 for about 37 miles before turning onto U.S. 40 West. Continue on U.S. 40 west for another 51 miles and you have arrived.

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