South Main – Buena Vista Colorado

South-Main-Buena-Vista-smallSouth Main is a wonderful new neighborhood constructed in the old people-friendly style and located between Buena Vista and the Arkansas River on a flat, 41 acre parcel.  Mixed-use lots start at $110,000, completed homes at $310,000, and row houses at $244,000.

South Main represents an impressive concept applied with artistry to a real-life situation.  The lovely, modern buildings are built in the Craftsman or Victorian styles common in the historic buildings of the area, but with all the modern energy-efficient features.  The community is designed to be environmentally and socially sustainable.  All of the buildings and the community layout are new and planned as part of a whole.   Many of the structures combine ground floor commercial space with upper floor residential space.  The neighborhood is walker-friendly and incorporates several lovely parks and green spaces, as well as a river boating park.

Clocktower in the center of the business district
The old style Clock tower in the center of the business district.
  • All buildings in South Main are required to exceed  “Built-Green Colorado” specifications.
  • The South Main Style is exemplified by our local Victorian architectural heritage.
  • Many buildings combine first floor commercial with second floor residential space.
Wonderful and unique sustainable building designs
Wonderful and unique sustainable buildings combine vintage designs with modern efficiencies.
  • The community has a central commercial district near the river and river park, surrounded by the residential and recreation sections.
  • South Main is right on the Arkansas River, one of the longest whitewater parks in the world.
  • The central park features climbing and bouldering rocks!
South Main is growing fast, come see it today.
South Main is growing fast as the revolutionary design concept takes hold.
  • Mixed use lots start at $110,00.
  • Completed homes for sale start at $310,000.
  • River Park Rowhouses start at $244,000.
South Main has many wonderful and unique features.
South Main has many wonderful and unique features such as this outdoor ceramic livingroom.
  • Not sure if South Main is for you?  Check out the scene with a few nights in a vacation rental.
The brand new Eddyline brew pub and restaurant.
The brand new Eddyline brew pub and restaurant.

If you are interested is homes or land for sale in South Main, contact their, Buena Vista Office at (719) 395-4714.