Mesa Antero Subdivision – Nathrop Colorado

Mesa-Antero-Centerville-smallThis superb subdivision has a wonderful layout and a location that provides the feeling of the true rural mountainous west.  Conveniently located conveniently between Buena Vista and Salida, Mesa Antero is tucked right up against the base of the mountains.  Homes start around $350,000, great lots are still available for under $100,000.

One thing that makes this development special is that it encompasses so many different kinds of western terrain and wildlife habitat, and even types of views.  In one section of the subdivision, the road winds through a delightful mature cottonwood grove and riparian area.  Some places have healthy groups of ponderosa pine in their natural park-like stands and picture-framed views of the mountains.  Other areas are open meadows that are peppered with shorter piñon pine trees and offer 360 degree views.

Open spaces, great views, lots still available!
Open spaces, great views, lots still available!
  • Laid out in 1972, the subdivision is well-established but still has some room for newcomers.
  • All homesites and lots have great views and the character of the view varies by the location.
  • The Homeowners Association is friendly and active, with voluntary membership for $45 annually.
Wide, well maintained County Roads
Wide, well maintained County Roads for easy all-year access.
  • The varied lots of Mesa Antero lots offer choices of Ponderosas, Piñons, Cottonwoods and open meadows for natural landscaping.
  • Most lots and homes have private water and sewer.
  • Electric power and telephone are available in the subdivision.
  • All roads in Mesa Antero are maintained by the county for great year round access.
Nice homes, with great views, the famous Chalk Cliffs of Mt Princeton
Nice homes with great views, such as Mt. Princeton (here) with its famous "chalk" cliffs.
  • Mesa Antero lot sizes are around 2.5 acres each.
  • All the roads have real names, as well as Chaffee County road numbers – 261A – 261S.
  • There are a wide variety of home sizes, styles and designs, so you are sure to find one you like.
Contemporary home designs in the Colorado high country
Contemporary home designs in the Colorado high country.